coming full Circle


After starting this blog a full year ago and doing nothing with it, I’m trying again with a different approach. 

I’ve always found myself wanting to abuse Facebook with restaurant reviews, funny stories, and personal opinions–and nobody wants that. (See Blogs are more opt-in. If you see I’ve written a post about a fabulous new restaurant you’ve been hearing about, great!  Read more, by all means!  On the other hand, if you’re just scrolling through your newsfeed and don’t want half of it taken up by me…you can just stick to the normal-sized tidbit of my life that Facebook specializes in.  

Anyway, here goes:

I recently went to the Circle Cinema here in Tulsa.  It was the long, MLK Day weekend, and all of the other movie theaters were packed.  Sold out packed.  Because I’m fortunate enough to have family and a boyfriend that like indie movies, we happily left the mobs of teenagers behind and rode up Lewis to the Circle.  

And we were the only ones in the theater except one dude who probably worked there. 

Whaaat?  Tulsa!!  I’m scolding you right now!  We have a cool, historical theater that just got recently renovated, and we aren’t going to give them any love and support?!  Of course, I’m guilty, too, of forgetting about the Circle…and going to movies isn’t the cheapest way to spend an evening…but still.  We can do better.  I’m sure they are getting supported somehow, or they wouldn’t have been able to afford the renovations, but that arguably makes it even more crucial that we show our appreciation for that kind of philanthropic initiative.  Our own ticket dollars help, but our attendance encourages even more money to go to those sorts of things.  Was Guthrie Green a good investment?  Duh.  Was the Circle?  Let’s make sure that answer is obvious, too, okay guys??



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